Wow! Where do I even start?!
Well first off, I did it...I went back blonde! I must say I did miss it quite a bit. I think blonde fits my personality better anyways...haha =)
The next big thing is I finally have a rough version of my song "Never Wanna Say Goodbye!"
It's finally coming together and I should have a final version in a couple of weeks.
I've also been finding more beats I like and could easily have the tracks for a CD, but it's so hard to pick my favorites!
I've also had a big change in my direction of life.
I was never a morning person, but I sure am now.
I've weeded out my social circle and I've taken a liking to cooking!
Who'd have thunk it?! lol
Sooo much has happened and it seems like it's happened over night.
And I must say I love the new me! I feel great and I know it shows!
This my friends, is the begining of something great!

Oh I also started a tumblr! Check it out and follow! =)
mandyluvsmadonna is the url =))