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Jerry Cox Bio

Jerry Cox was born in 1956 and has been singing professionally since 1974. Jerry has won singing contests in many cities in Indiana. He sings in a family band called "Legacy" and has for roughly 22 years. He also sings with his two brothers in their Hawiian band called "Na Kane O Makua' Ole" and has for about 3 years. He continues to do solo shows in Columbus, IN and surrounding communities entertaining Senior Citizen groups. He started DJing about 10 years ago and continues to do so. He has given vocal lessons for the past 5 years and is always seeking new students to teach. He enjoys playing the Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboards. He enjoys entertaining and at the age of 56 he plans on doing so for many more years. He has a great ear for sound, mixing, blending, harmonies, and over all a great mix of instrumental and vocal volumes. He loves music and has been a way of calming and relaxing him and it has for many years. He says " Music in itself carries its own magical medicine in healing open wounds no matter how severe or deep."